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Top 7 Random Roulette Sex Cam Sites

Published May 07, 2015

When it comes to finding a great live sex cam partner, sometimes the luck of the draw is the best way to go. The thrill of the unknown and the surprise of discovering a new unexpected sexperience is a sexy game of chance guaranteed to bring a win time and time again. The following sites make sure that when it comes to landing on the random webcam jackpot - the stakes are firmly in your favor.


At RandomGirlsOnCam you can play and play and play, and never run out of options. With close to 10,000 girls to discover with each roll of the dice, it's a game of random results that can be tailored to make sure you hit a home run each time. With such a mega selection at your fingertips you can either put your hands in the fate of the cam gods, or cheat and filter out the absolute 'no-ways', before starting a random cam game that guarantees you'll win each time.


Discover random girls with a shake of the dice at

The premise at RandomGirlsOnCam is simple and effective, select Get Random from the homepage - watch the dice roll across the screen and land on a hot XXX cam babe looking for a new play-pal. If you wanna stack the odds somewhat, you can pre-select a few basic filters such as age, body-type and ethnicity and then get going.

Once a cutie catches your eye, you stop rolling, click on Chat With Her and you're taken to whichever platform she's performing from - straight into her room. The site culls the models from a curated group of the best premium and freemium cam sites so you're guaranteed that whichever site it is, it's safe, secure and doesn't cost a penny to register as a member or talk to the girl in her open chat hangout.

It also means that some feeds will be HD, others not. Some girls will be naked and naughty playing with a toy - others covered and more demure. But with such a huge library of options - RandomGirlsOnCam is by far and away the biggest and for me, the best stakes game in town for meeting strangers online.


LiveJasmin is the queen of all things live cam. This platform doesn't just strive to be the best - it is. It's got the hottest cam girls of any site, and when I say hot - I mean glamour model drop-dead gorgeous. Almost all streaming is in HD and if it's not - it's high-quality SD. The site's search engine is fast, accurate and intuitively knows what you're really looking for. And if you're looking for something a bit out of the norm - have no fear - every femme is, in one form or another, fetish friendly.


Discover the perfect porn playmate at random at

LiveJasmin has around 1,500 A-lister sex sirens online 24/7. but if you're looking for an amateur at-home type - then move-on. These ladies are the definition of deviant glamour pusses, they're poised, they're beautiful, they're pros and they can get as kinky as you want.

Narrowing down your choices at LiveJasmin means you'll miss a lot of action that really deserves a shout out. If any cam site is worth playing a game of random roulette at - it's here. All you have to do is go into any room and simply press the left or right arrow button on your keyboard. Just know that the left doesn't take you back to the previous girl - each time it's as random as random can be - so if you press by mistake to the next room - you won't be able to undo your mistake.

As a premium cam site, there's no naughty stuff going on in the free chat rooms - if you wanna see more you'll have to pay and take the girl into a private 1on1 cam session.


Flirt4Free is also a top premium cam site, but this platform is famed for one thing and that's it's outstanding extreme-focused micro-site. Before you start playing a game of random raunchiness with the babes, take the time and check-out it's kink home (select Live Cams on the upper nav bar of the homepage and then click/tap on Fetish). Here you can find a trove of spicy treasures including educational info, a community-powered forum where models and visitors alike can compare notes and ideas, as well as models that specialize in one of 54 sub-genres.


Discover a random sexy cam goddess at

Flirt4Free isn't only about private live cam shows and fetish fun. In the regular open chat rooms, you're not going to find much (if any) nudity or hardcore action, but in the multi-user shows, the girls get naked and naughty and will perform pretty much any act if they collectively get enough tips to hit certain targets. It's the power of the sex-crazed crowds that makes them wet and wild.

When you let the random fun take over, you're not going to miss out on this fun. By hovering over a window of a live feed in a room, arrows appear on the left and right of video, selecting these will take you to the next room, or back to the room you were just in. You can also use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard for the same result. And yes, those xxx tip-fueled hardcore multi-user shows will also pop up now and then.

While I'm talking about tips - here's a good one. You'll get 120 FREE credits from the site just for verifying your credit card details (no purchase necessary).



If you're looking to stumble upon a senorita stranger, fall over a french femme fatale, or maybe just hone in by chance on a hardcore Hungarian hottie, then head on over to XLoveCam. This premier European cam site is home to some of the continent's sexiest coochies and they're all looking for an opportunity to practice their... um English, of course.


Take a chance with a random live sex cam girl at

XLoveCam is all about the girls with accents, so much so that when you hover over their snapshots on the homepage, flags appears showing which languages they speak. If you want random results (as I'll explain in a second), you'll find yourself directly in their rooms. While you can't see at a glance which country they're from or which languages they speak, all you have to do is click on the Info tab above the video and you'll discover all the important details like where they're from, how much they charge for a private show and most importantly, what kinks they're into.

Playing random rooms at XLoveCam is super-easy. Once you're in a room you'll immediately notice the two large arrows on the right and left of the live feed. Selecting the right arrow takes you to the next room and the left arrow, back to the previous room.

Time for a tip? While there's not meant to be any nudity in the open chat rooms you're scrolling through, some girls tend to take this as more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule (lucky us). But, if you pop on over to XLoveCam on a Monday - you'll get to see a lot of boobs bouncing on the screen 'cause every Monday the site hosts a 24-hour Topless Party.


Now, we're on to the freemium group of live cam sites - and by freemium that means anyone can register and set themselves up as an xxx cam model on the site. At Stripchat - you're getting the A-list of amateurs in a premium style setting. To be honest, it's my fave freemium platform and that in large part is due to its easy-to-use, clean, ad-free layout and accurate and intuitive search engine. And, by the way, if you have a virtual reality (VR) headset - Stripchat is currently the only cam site that is set up with rooms that can stream in VR. Woo Hoo!


Find a random kinky cam performer at

The Stripchat girls are certainly not shy - you're going to enjoy a lot of hardcore action as you browse through the boudoirs. What you can do to narrow down your results, but still play random is to pre-select your chosen categories using the left nav bar. This then brings up only those in the relevant group - and you can then play random with these results.

At Stripchat you've got over 2,000 rooms to dip in and out of at random. All you gotta do is click on any snapshot on the homepage and you're whisked into a strange girl's horny haven. When it comes to time to move onto the next babe you just select Next Model on the right of the page above the message box. If you move on by mistake, there's no going back button but... what you can do is select the 'back' button (the arrow pointing to the left) on the top of the screen, located to the left of the address bar in your web browser.

Tip time guys... If you register as a member (which is free) you can enter the site's hourly giveaway and get your hands on 50 free tokens. When it comes to streaming quality, many of the rooms are HD enabled but sometimes the feed comes through in a lower-quality. Just go to the top right of the feed, hover there and a small Video Quality icon (a wheel) appears. Select this and you can manually change the broadcast level to a lower or higher res, as you prefer.


While Stripchat may have the A-list of amateur cam models, Chaturbate has everyone, doing everything, in every way, at every time. With over 4,000 cams filming at any time, Chaturbate is the global gathering place for the world's most extreme sexhibitionists. All the performers are true pervs in the best sense of the word and if you're a passive voyeur, you not going to find a better place to get hard and horny than at Chaturbate.


Find a hot sex cam girl at

As you go from room to room at Chaturbate one thing is abundantly clear, if you're looking for some free online live sex - this is the place to be. If you're looking for something specific and need to use the search filters - or want to do a cam2cam session - then it's a different story. This is a site for those of you that like to look but not be seen.

For some random results you've got two easy routes to take. On the right of the screen above the vertical advertisement bar there are two links: Scan Cams and Next Cam. Scan Cams gives you a 15 second glance into a room before automatically moving on to another. If you don't want to waste 15 mins and just wanna see at a glance if something is worth wanking to, then select Next Cam. Each time you click/tap on this it'll take you into another horny hangout. If you move on by mistake and wanna go back to the babe you were just with, then you'll have to press the back key on your browser as explained above in the Stripchat review.

Tip time (well warning time). To enter a cam2cam session, you have to first set yourself up as a Chaturabate 'broadcaster', this takes time and is somewhat complicated, so if camming is your thing - it's probably not the best site for a random cam adventure. On the other hand - if you just want to see a specific kink going down, you're going to find it here for free - or at the most, just tip the performer a few Chaturbate tokens and she'll most likely happily follow your instructions in her free open chat room.


MyFreeCams is similar to Chaturbate in as much as you'll get an eyeful of explicit entertainment as you jump from cam host to cam host The site's layout itself is a bit, well let's say 'retro' in design (and I'm trying to be polite here - but you get my gist). If you wanna go private - there's no bargain babes here - even though it's a freemium site. But, what it does have is a great random scanner set-up, making it worthy of inclusion in this round up.


Click and find a random live sex cam babe at

So let's get straight down to the business at hand - how to use MyFreeCams random rooms option. As shown on the image above, below the live feed window there's a bunch of links to choose from. To find a girl by chance you'll want to select either the Next Model link or (Auto) link located on the last line of options on the right side. The next model option simply brings up another room. If you miss the room you were last in, or even a few rooms back, simply select Recent and this brings up a pop-up box showing the previous few rooms you visited and you can just hop back into one. Or, click/tap on Last and that takes you back to, well obviously, the last room you were in.

Now (Auto) is my fave way to play a game of chance and really get the odds stacked in your particular fetish favor. By choosing this, a box comes up giving you options of who and what you want to see in your random results. You scan just the top 100 rooms, or only new models on the site, etc. It also gives you the option to decide how long you want to spend in a room before you're taken into another nymphos lair.

Tip time... Well I'm going to be honest, MyFreeCams isn't my go to destination. Private chat rates are on the high side, but like Chaturbate, you can tip the girl in her open room and she'll pretty much do whatever you want (to a limit of course!) - but when it comes to playing random roulette it's definitely worth checking out.


Playing random roulette at all these sites is a guaranteed win-win game of chance. The only unknown is what's coming next. If you're on a premium site like LiveJasmin / XLoveCam and Flirt4Free, you know the babe is going to be a stunning pro or semi-pro xxx live cam model. On the freemium sites like Stripchat / Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, you'll randomly enter into rooms with talented amateurs from around the globe just waiting to get things going with online strangers.

The only site that separates itself from all the others, is RandomGirlsOnCam. This is the site that is perfectly implemented into helping you randomly meet girls online. It aggregates only the live webcam feeds from all the major free and premium cam sites, mixes them together and lets you roll the dice for a true random online meet up.