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Last updated February 07, 2021
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Bonjour, moi petite sexy webcam hunters! Yes, It's the man you'd just love to be, Tom the Top Rated Cam Site Reviewer back and raring to go with another fan-dabby-dozey adult sex chat site review. You've found my specialist naughty corner again, haven't you, chicks-with-dicks fans? Well, a warm welcome if you have, because I'm about to partake of my latest review for all you tranny-lovers out there! The latest site I've been apprasing for you is, lolz! That's right up there with in the silly name department, and I'm not sure I'm all that keen on it as the name for a site! Where I come from (the dark and gloomy UK, woe is me!) using the term is a bit of an insult, but I guess the rest of the world isn't so bothered. I wonder how the sex cam trannys on the site feel about it? Oh well. All I could find out about the site is the fact that is is owned and operated by VSMedia, who are based in California in the lovely USA. The domain has been registered since 1997, but I have absolutely no idea how long it has been operating as a porn cam site, I'm afraid.



My Initial Thoughts ...

The first thing that grabs you about the site is the ball of tumbleweed that rolls through the pages. Where are all the models? When I first entered the site, there were a grand total of four models to choose from. WTH? I thought it might be something to do with me not being a registered member (and I suppose there's the chance you get more models to chat with if you're a paid up member or VIP) but once I had registered, the situation did not change. I mean, come on, four?! The site even allows transvestites to mix it with the true trannys, but that didn't seem to help the situation. The weird thing is, if you use the site's search facilities, you can see there are supposedly over 17,000 models registered at the site. Perhaps they've decided they really don't like the name and have gone elsewhere. Very strange.

Well, aside from the lack of shemale sex models, the site does look rather nice, in black with bits highlighted in pretty pink for the ladies and blushing blue for the guys. There's a menu at the top and a large menu at the bottom. The top menu has a "Live Chat" button which sends you straight into one of the many thousands (kidding!) of adult shemale sex cam rooms the site has to offer at random. There are also some videos to watch (But only if you are a paid-up member as they cost credits) and the "Profiles" page will let you browse and search through the 17,000+ profiles the site has, but of course the majority of the models seem to be permanently offline. The "VIP" section tells you the extra level of goodness you can get if you're willing to pay a monthly fee (hopefully most of the models are hiding in the VIP section). One thing I did notice is that a lot of the models did look genuinely feminine. It's all a teensy-tiny bit strange.

The site

Just to make matters a little more annoying, if you do find a model to chat to often they will have banned "Basic" members (i.e. those who have not as yet purchased any credits) from chatting! That's really sweet of them!!

Each model has a five-star rating, but the thumbnail pic on the menu screen (such as it is) doesn't give much info away, and there's no sneaky peek you find at other cam sites. If you do find a model to chat to, the cam window seems to have a mind of its own, constantly changing sizes. I found that Basic members are also only allowed a certain amount of time per day in which to chat. Once the time is up, they have to wait 24 hours before they can chat again. The chat applet isn't anything special, and your chat is often interrupted by ads and other stuff telling you to pay your dues.

Those Extra Features ...

The extra features, aside from the videos, are only really available for VIP members. If you're willing to pay the monthy fee of $39.95 a month, then you get naughtier videos, and you can record your own shows. I also hope you get the special key to the tranny cam chat room where all the sexy shemale models are hiding!

How To Register ...

It's very easy to register at the site. Just click on the "SIGN UP FREE" button. If you check the sign up screen below, you can see what I mean by how feminine some of the models look! I mean ... those hips! Just fill in your chosen Club Nickname, choose a password and enter your email address, and you're all set once you click the big pink "CREATE FREE ACCOUNT" button.

Registration at

The Ways You Can Chat ...

There's the free chat, which I talked about above and has a couple of daft restrictions. There are three types of private show "1on1", "Groups" and "Voyeur". 1on1 is as you'd expect, and how much the model charges is shown on her chat room page. Group chats are where a group of punters can all make a contribution to the price, and then enjoy the sexy show together. Voyeur chat just lets you enter a private show that's in motion, and costs a third of what the model charges for private chatting.

Payment plans at

Quality of The Videos ...

I guess the standard of the cams is passable to good. There are no "HD" indicators anywhere that I can see that you expect to see, although you can filter out any non-HD cams. Some cams (of the scant few I could find) were great, others not so.

How Much It'll Cost You ...

There's a deal at (still can't get used to that name!) which gives you 120 FREE credits for registering your card. You indeed get 120 FREE credits every time you make a purchase, and there are only two pack sizes available - 300 credits for $29.99 or 600 for $59,99 - which means buying more credits is one cent more expensive! As I mentioned above, you can go "VIP" for $39.99 a month, but you only get the 120 FREE credits as well as your extra privileges.

Larger shemale

The Ways You Can Pay ...

Credit cards only, people. MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover and JCB are the names you can trust!

How Many Models ...

This is the big issue (it seems) with the site. There are 17,000+ models registered, but every time I logged onto the site while constructing this review, I could count the number of models available to chat to on the fingers of one hand!

Where are they hiding?

The Support You Can Get ...

There are a lot of support options, include a mailing address which really is quite rare for an adult sex cams site. There's also US and international telephone numbers, and an email address, messaging window and FAQs. Pretty good - the only thing that's lacking is live chat.

The Pros & Cons


✔ - 120 FREE credits with every purchase or just if you register a card.
✔ - If you just want to watch, "Voyeur" chat lets you do that for a cut-price fee.
✔ - Nicely designed site.


✖ - Where are the models?
✖ - Not much going on if you want to stay a basic member.
✖ - Expensive.

Winding Things Up ...

As you might have guessed, the main issue with the site is the lack of models, and of chatting opportunities if you're a freemium-lover. Perhaps once you're registered a card and/or bought some credits and/or become a VIP the floodgates open and the tranny cam models come flooding through. It's a shame there's so few models as the rest of the site is pretty nice.

In conclusion obviously needs to attract more models who are willing to remain online, or at least tell thicko punters like me where they are hiding! Why not pop over to the site yourself and see if you can find them?