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Last updated January 19, 2021
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Hello my sex cam darlings again. It's your old pal Tom, ready and raring to go with another super sexy top rated cam site review. Once again, I've locked my "tit-loving" Tom persona back in the cupboard, and out of my closet comes "tranny-loving" Tom! Yes, transsexual lovers, I'm going to be telling you all about another top rated shemale site, and this time it be that I am going to tell you all the juicy details about.

So, what does TS stand for? Tranny Sex? Transgendered Shemales? Turquoise Slippers? Well, the site isn't letting on, but my money is on "TransSexuals". If you've been paying attention, then you'll also know that the "mate" part of is very like the "mate" part of the main porno cam site, "Are they connected?" I am sure you are asking yourself. Well, no head-scratching is necessary as I can reveal the deal between and is exactly the same as the connection between and, so the two sites share the same models, and kind of the same functionality, and have been doing so since September 2007. I was okay with, so I am thinking I ought to be the same with


Hello there :)

My Initial Thoughts ...

Ah, okay. My first steps into were a little disappointing, to be honest. Unlikely, which is basically painted a different colour, looks like an earlier version of, and isn't really up there with the very best-looking sex cam sites, tranny cams or not. You get the typical cams-choice menu, with chunky big thumbnails (which gets a thumbs up from me), and a couple of menus - speciality cams like Big Cock and Small Tits (I wonder if those two things go together?). The other menu applies just a bit of filtering - language, location, rating - that sort of thing.

The menu thumbnails of the steamy shemale models have a little tiny bit of info underneath them so you can see if the trammy model of your choice will be accommodating in the special sexy way you might expect them to be. There's no sneaky cam views here - the thumbnail stays a thumbnail no matter how many times your roll your mouse pointer over the pic. You can see the tranny cam model's info, their age and five star rating. You can rate the tranny models if you become a paid up member at the site and go 1-2-1 with them. I must say, a lot of the tranny models were very eager to show off their interesting bits in free chat, so if you're a fan of free cocks and tranny tits then TSMate is very definitely for you!

The site

And that's about all I can tell you about the site, as there's not much else to it! It's a stripped-down version of for those folk who just want to watch trannies in action and to dictate what the simmering she-males get up to!

Those Extra Features ...

Uh-ho ... nothing extra for you to worry about!

How To Register ...

You need four things to register at - a username, a password, a valid email address and a credit card. Yeah. I am afraid just like you can't become a full member at unless you can register a valid rectangle of punched plastic. This because there's no pre-buying of credits at the site - everything you pay for comes straight off of your card. One more thing - if you're a member of you're automatically a member of, so there's no need to register for both sites.

Registration at

The Ways You Can Chat ...

There are four ways to chat:

  • Free chat, for which you don't need to be registered. You can only see what you type, and what the model types back to you, so it's a bit like private ... but not.
  • Party chat, this is more like the "public" free chat at other top cam sites. You can see what everyone else is saying.
  • Gold Show. The sex cam tranny will set up a show, detailing what she is prepared to do, and the price that has to be reached for her to do it. Anyone can chip in "Gold" at $1 a time, and if the total is reached within a certain time limit, the show must go on! If the total isn't reached, everyone gets their gold back.
  • Private chat, the usual 1-2-1 for which the sex cam model can charge what they like on a dollar-per-minute basis.
Paying for private at

Quality of The Videos ...

... is not too bad. It streams very smoothly, but sometimes that takes the definition down a peg or two. I've seen better HD, but then again I've seen a lot worse. The SD is okay as well.

How Much It'll Cost You ...

Everything is taken off your card as you watch. The models can charge from between $0.99 and $9.99 a minute for a show, but most charge between $1.99 and $3.99 a minute.

Wonder what's happening down there?

The Ways You Can Pay ...

Nothing but plastic. If you have a card with MasterCard, Visa or Discover, then you will be fine. If you don't want to hand over your precious card details, then will be only be for free chat for you.

How Many Models ...

These tranny cam models are the shemale models available at Streamate, so as you can guess there's a decent number at 1,400 or so. You can usually select from a fair few whenever you arrive at the site.

Whose turn today?

The Support You Can Get ...

You can help from live chat (I have used the version and I'm guessing it's the same guys, and I was more than satisifed with the experience), and there are contact details for email and phone.

The Pros & Cons


✔ - The shemale models - they get very raunchy, even in free chat!
✔ - No need to buy credits.
✔ - A decent selection of shemale models to choose from.


✖ - Hmm ... well a few extra items to spice things up would be an idea!
✖ - You can't do anything other than free chat unless you register a credit card.
✖ - Most of the models beg you to go private as soon as you enter their cam room.

Winding Things Up ...

The best thing about is definitely the sexy tranny models! They are certainly pretty keen to get up to some pretty raunchy stuff, even in free chat. Of course, you can't dictate the action if it's free, and the model will quite often beg you to go private (although I did meet a few nice ones) and then kick you if you refuse. I don't like the fact that you have to register a credit card to register at the site, but then again the only reason to really register at the site is to pay for gold or 1-2-1 shows, so it does make sense! Anyhow, enough from me ... why not go and explore yourself and see if you agree with me?