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Well, long time no see, my cam-loving buddies! I wonder what you've been up to, or shouldn't I ask, winky thing. Well, just in case in the extremely unlikely event that you have missed me, I'm back and buzzing with another of my top rated cam sites reviews. And I have a real treat, and a real tranny treat for you! I'm going to be reviewing the she-male sex cam site,, so if transsexuals do not do it for you at all, then I guess you really ought to be progressing not a single step further! You have been warned.

So, maybe you've thinking your old pal pussy-loving Tom has taken a turn? Well, of course not ... although I am broad-minded enough to truly appreciate beauty when I see it, and no matter how it is wrapped. And of course this site is for Top Rated Cam Sites, and that includes all kind of legitimate sites, not just the ones for the men who loves the ladies. Does someone who reviews restaurants for a living only eat the kind of food he loves? No, of course not (if that was me this site would be full of MaccyD reviews!). Anyhow, you've had your warning, so if you're still with me, let me say a huge hello to you and I am glad you are sticking with it. Let's get on with my top review about I can start by declaring that this is something of a newbie site, as it has only been around since 2009. If you look at the pic below and think they look more than a little familiar, then you truly are a top rated cam site superstar!


Hello there :)

My Initial Thoughts ...

So, looking at the site below, can you guess who owns it? If you've just thrust your hand heavenwards and barked out "Oo! Oo! Sir!", then you are totally correct! Well done, have a gold star (or should that be brown ... ahem). Yes folks, those wonderful people at own and administer, so if you're looking for the top shemale site that's out there, then you should already know you are on the right track, judging by's reputation. In fact, "all" is, is the "transsexuals" page on under a different domain name. I guess they've made it up so shemale lovers don't have to wade through pages of the kind of sexy cam babes that the rest of us are interested in. So, the lucky shemale cam fans can enjoy a site full of wonderfulness, only in a shade of brown. If you did prefer things the old way, you can flick back to the previous version of the site.

So, if you're used to LiveJasmin, or any other of the main adult chat sites, then there's really nothing that will surprise you about The menu set up is the usual thumbnails of the she-males who are ready and willing to show you a little more than perhaps the average cam girl ... and some of them are freaking gorgeous (and why shouldn't they be? lol). If you want to see what your chosen transsexual is currently up to, you simply have to do the old "hover" trick with the old mouse pointer. There seems to be plenty of shemales to suit all tastes, from trannys who haven't gone for the boobies, and those that most definitely have!

The site

Finding your way around the site is easy-peasy, mainly because there's so few places on the site that there's no chance of you getting lost. You can just spend your time staring at the she-males, or browse the favourites that you have saved if you're already a member. You can look down the categories list if you want to, as you'll then be able to filter out the transsexual cam models who you are most interested in. You can go for hair type, skin color and the like, but if you really are thinking about getting down and dirty with your chosen ladyboy, then you can see what each cam model would be willing to get up to.

Those Extra Features ...

To be honest, there's hardly any regular features, so if you're looking for extra features, then you're going to be completely out of luck!

How To Register ...

The first thing you will need to know is that if you are registered at, then you are also registered at MyTrannyCams ... if you like it or not! If you need to register, then just fill in your chosen username, your password and a valid email address. You'll be sent a link to confirm your account. If you're a newcomer then you can enjoy the 10.99 of free credits for registering a credit card.

Registration at

The Ways You Can Chat ...

Well, there's the free chat, and if you're willing to pay, then you can get the model to spend some private chat time with you. That's all there is - I said this was a site that was stripped down to the basics, didn't I? Just like most of the hot and horny she-males you will find on the site!

Fancy going private?

Quality of The Videos ...

Well, it's the same set up as LiveJasmin, so obviously you're going to find that the cams are wonderful. The HD is truly pixelated perfection, and the SD cams are not an option that is simply to be ignored.

How Much It'll Cost You ...

Now, you're going to get bored with me now, aren't you? I'm going to say the prices are just the same as at aren't I?


You get bonus credits with every purchase, and the more you buy the more you get.

Two for the price of one

The Ways You Can Pay ... is a big site, so as you might expect there are plenty of payment options, from Ukash, Pay by Phone, European Direct Debit, Sofort Banking and the usual plastic participants (MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, JCB, Discover, Solo, Switch).

How Many Models ...

You'll find 6,000 trannys are registered at the site, but only around 50 are available to chat with at any one time.

Models, models, models

The Support You Can Get ...

You'll not be surprised to learn that the support at is really good. There's phone numbers for both technical and account issues, email addresses, and a live chat applet.

The Good & The Bad ...


✔ - You can't go wrong with a cams site that's anything to do with
✔ - Lots of really top quality shemales available
✔ - No issues whatsoever with stream quality


✖ - The site looks good, but it's a bit dull
✖ - No "sneak peeks" for free if you're already a member of Live Jasmin.

Winding Things Up ...

Well, what can I say about, other than what I think about (and if you don't know what I think about, then take a look here!). The site is wonderful at the basics, and there are no frills to get in the way. of course, if you are into frills (or thrills) then you're going to be a little let down, but you really shouldn't be. If you want to spend some valuable time with sex cam she-males and a cam-to-cam basis, then you simply cannot go wrong with


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