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Last updated January 19, 2021
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Uh, hello. I'm sorry if I don't sound like my cheery self today. I've come down with something - some bug or some 'orrible little nasty. And it was fffrrreeeeeezzziiinnnggg in my little bed all on my lonesome last night. I thinki the heating in my flat has packed up. Oh well, guess I'm just going to have to be a brave little soldier and do my duty to bring you the latest top rated cam site to join my merry band. Plus of course it's a top rated Asian cam site, as that's where you currently are in my fabulous website. I hope you appreciate my efforts, my darlings!

Okay, here goes. The site I shall review today is called Yes, that is a pretty weird name for a sex cam site. I went checking to see if I could find out what 'DX' stands for - but I'm none the wiser. There's an online store that sells sex toys called DX, but I'm not sure of any connection. That DX stands for "Deal Extreme", so maybe DX stands for "Dirty Extreme" - who knows. Anyhow, I hope you like sushi (I do!) because most of the Asian sex cam girls at this site you will find are Japanese. The site has been online for a long time, since 2002 in fact, which means it's practically a teenager!


Playing with herself

My Initial Thoughts ...

Little sweethearts you know it doesn't take a lot to confuse me, and I got very perplexed at my first view of the site, as a pop-up box popped up full of those weird looking Japanese characters. I did manage to find a little bit of English and worked out what I needed to click to confirm my age, and I was through to the main site. Thankfully the site managed to work out my location and it switched to an English-language version.

The menu screen you're greeted with is very typical of adult chat sites - lots of thumbnails of the girls who are hoping you'll pay to see some sexy play. I do like the sexy colour scheme - mainly a naughty black with a few purple bits thrown in. The menu along the top gives you access to some top tips, and even has a special section for noobs (I had a peek because I was just curious). You can also see the FAQs, the Search page (which only has basic options) and the all-important join button - so important in fact there are two of them!

The other menu lets you filter out a few of the models for your convenience. You can select those that have microphones and also those that have sex toys. You can actually control the sex toys by remote if you're willing to pay for the privilege. You can also select just the new girls, or the most popular ones.

The site

The menu thumbnails are not a great help here. You can see each model's nationality and how many sex toys they have available to play with. There are no sneaky previews available here though if you hover your mouse over the thumbnail. This site also has something that I've never seen before in my sex cam reviewing - the number of viewers currently in the sex cam model's room. It's a little number in the top right of each thumbnail.

You can obtain a few more juicy facts about your chosen sex cam model if you enter her room, including (another new one to me) her vital statistics! Some models have photos they have uploaded, and a welcome message that's usually in Japanese so I can't make head nor tale of it as my Japanese is non-existent!

Those Extra Features ...

There's not much going for the site in the special features side of things. I suppose you can count the options to play with the sex toys most of the models seem to have!

How To Register ...

WARNING! Get ready for a punch in the guts! You can hit either of the two "Join" buttons close to the top right hand corner of the screen, but there's an unpleasant little surprise awaiting you. You can join the site easy enough, but only if you're willing to make a minimum purchase of $49.95! Well ... personally I think that's too much to spend to give an adult chat site a look over. See the pic below to see what you need to fill in to become a member at the site:

Registration at

The Ways You Can Chat ...

If you're still interested, and don't mind paying at least $49.95 every time you want to chat, then you can get things cracking. There is free chat but it only lasts around thirty seconds before it times out. You have to pay for ALL chat at this site. I think it's about $0.50 a minute, but the info on the site doesn't make sense as it says normal chat is more expensive than one-on-one chat. Anyhow, private chat is one point ($2) a minute, and controlling sex toys or cam-to-cam chat costs you more.

Two things you have to be wary of - it seems the custom for the Asian sex cams models is to sit so you can't see their faces. I've seen this at quite a few other Asian cam sites. Also, many leave their cams on 24-7, so be prepared to see plenty of sleeping Asian babes!

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty ...

Quality of The Videos ...

The one thing that might make this site worth that $49.95 outlay is the quality of the cams. It's top class, up to best in the business, and the HD is very, very nice.

How Much It'll Cost You ...

Points packs are on sale as follows:

Payment packs at

The Ways You Can Pay ...

Billing is provided by DTI Services. You can pay using MasterCard, Visa, Diner's Club or JCB.

How Many Models ...

There's bound to be plenty as the site has been around since 2002, and says 22,000 are registered at the site. Hard to tell how many are active though, but between 40 and 100 porn cam performers are online when you happen over to the site.

Not so many new girls

The Support You Can Get ...

There's plenty of info at the site, but offsite you can only use a web contact form.

The Pros & Cons


✔ - Lovely cams - exceptional quality
✔ - Not all that expensive
✔ - You get to control your favourite model's sex toys


✖ - You know what I'm going to say ... no money, no membership, and the minimum spend is $49.95!
✖ - The FAQs and shizz are great, but I'd prefer a little more in the way of support

Winding Things Up ...

Bummer! I was all ready to give some major praise when I found out about the $49.95 minimum spend, and that only gets you twenty-five minutes worth of chatting time if you go private. If only cheaper sizes were available I'd be giving this site five gold stars (okay, maybe four and a half as the support options are not the greatest). If you don't mind paying that minimum for your perving pleasures, then be my guest! Head to now and enjoy those super-sharp Asian sex cams. Just beware of headless models!