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FetishGalaxy Review - Set Your Freak Free

Last updated February 14, 2021
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When it comes to finding the perfect partner for fetish play there's nothing better cam girl who doesn't believe in boundaries. As opposed to models who profess their openness to a certain kink, at FetishGalaxy every room is ruled by a hardcore fetish performer. So whether you're looking to play with a dom or a sub, a teacher of pain or a taker of humiliation - at FetishGalaxy there's a partner for everyone (and at every level).


Fetish friendly cam models at

FetishGalaxy is all about the non-norm (although what is non-norm for one, is normal for another). Put it this way, it's all about the spicy side of live sex. Unlike most of the major live sex cam sites, you don't have to search for the devils and angels who are fetish fans. Here, they greet you the minute the homepage loads. The snapshots that take over your screen are perfectly stylized to show at a glance which side of the bondage barrier the kinky chick stands (or lays in most cases).

You're not going to find thousands, or even hundreds of rooms and dungeons streaming 24/7 - what you will find are around 150 mistresses always online, with each being geared to their own specific fetish field. On the homepage photos that act as virtual doors to the cam caves, it's indicated whether the girl inside is an Expert or an Educator, a Professional Dominatrix or a Professional Submissive. This is a great-time saver as you sweep your practiced eye by them one by one.

The Cam Models

To find your chosen fetish sex chat partner you can narrow down the search by either using the upper nav bar that features the main search categories such as; Bondage, Anal Training, Findom, Rubber, Nipple Torture, Jerk-off Instruction (JOI) and Fisting etc., or use the advanced search option. This is located at the far right of the nav bar. Just select the tiny purple icon showing three lines and a pop up box appears showing Fetishes (27 sub-categories), Age and Ethnicity.

If that still doesn't show you exactly what you're looking for - then dive deeper and click on the purple Advanced Search button in this box. Now you can narrow down the age using a sliding scale, or look for rooms according to their private sex chat rates, ratings and even the languages the pervy princess speaks.

Find a fetish cam partner at

One of the things I really like about FetishGalaxy is that it's all inclusive. By that I mean there's not only something for every proclivity, but also for every level of the lifestyle. If you're a newbie to the scene or just curious to see what it's all about - there's a partner for you at FetishGalaxy. On the other hand, if you're a seasoned sex slave or skilled master - you're going to find a sub or domme that's going to kneel or whip without uttering a sound.

FetishGalaxy Feature Highlights

For those of you that aren't fluent English speakers, the site can be viewed in 15 other languages and at last count, between them all the cam hosts spoke 28 languages. If you want to be told what to do in your native tongue, chances are this can happen at FetishGalaxy.

There are also special deals that pop up which aren't always advertised on the site. For example, Monday is a day when many of the dommes and subs will cut their private show rates by 10%.

And talking about cutting rates - I've got a little Tom Tip for you,

If you ask nicely (yep - even if you're in control - manners maketh the man) a model may be feeling generous and give you a discount code. You can use this code to get a percentage off the next private cam session you have with your porn pal or even in some cases, can apply retroactively to the session you're already in.

Enjoy private kink cam shows at

Another fave feature of yours truly is when I see that little pink vibrator icon on the top right of the photo. This means the girl is using a pussy-pleasurer and you can switch on her vibrating love toy by tipping her. Whether she's a sub that deserves a reward or a mistress that commands you to make her squirt - it's a guaranteed two-way turn on.

Other features at FetishGalaxy include:

  • Full page bios detailing the lewd ladies assets, user reviews and additional X-rated media
  • Create a list of your favorite models so you can easily find them in one click
  • 15% extra bonus if you pay with PumaPay cryptocurrency

Getting Started

To become a member of FetishGalaxy, the only thing you need is a valid email address. It's a free, quick and simple process. You decide on your username, put in a password you won't forget (hopefully) and put in a email and you're ready to get those whips a crackin'. Once you've registered, the site comps you 15 FREE credits to help you get your porn party started. Once you're a member you can also 'favorite' models so you don't forget who caught your eye and see at a click their online status.

Free registration at

Chat Options & Prices

While some of the snapshots luring you into a room may be as raunchy as you can get - don't expect much hardcore action in the public chat rooms. The images can be deceptive as once you click through into the video feed you'll find a rather less freaky model waiting to get you into her closed dungeon before letting the promise of her inner freak out.

But - Tom Tip here: There's a lot of innuendos and teasing in the open rooms, but if a girl has a little candy Preview sticker at the top of her snapshot it means she's getting ready to host a Candy Show. During the preview time she'll start to heat up ya' hormones with some hardcore moves to show what you can expect if you buy a ticket to her upcoming show. If you're lucky, you'll get an eyeful of scorching nip slips, spitting and probably a little anal action as a tempting amuse bouche.

Free Video Chat

If you hover over the snapshot for a few seconds a live video feed from the deviant's dungeon should appear. I said should, 'cause in two cases it won't. If the photo you're hovering over is labelled as Private and the stick showing her expertise is in blue it means she's in a private session and the curtain's down. Sometimes the room is labelled as Free (in green) but still no live feed appears. This is usually due to a delay in the tagging system and either she's just entered a private show and closed her window, or she's offline. If she's green you can go into her free room and hangout with the babe and other like-minded fetish freaks.


Fetish sex chat hosts in HD cam rooms at

Private Chat

This pay-for-pervy-play is what it's all about. Once you're in a room and decide it's punishment time or things need to get wild and wet, you simply select the Enter Private Chat bar to open the cave doors. If you're looking for a cam2cam show, the pain that'll be inflicted at FetishGalaxy (if you so desire) won't be from the pricing at least. Cam to cam is included in all private chat rates - so no nasty hidden hikes here.

On average most of the madams, experts, and submissives will hold you hostage for just $3.00/min, with some of the cheaper rooms standing at $1.00/min for private chat. If you do wanna go 2-way with your session and turn on your webcam, all you have to do is go to the top left corner of the live video feed and select the small icons depicting a webcam and microphone. Click on these and she'll be looking at your load immediately.

Wanna save more? If you know you're in for the long-haul you can buy a pre-paid session. How this works is you pay upfront for a 30 minute show and you'll get a 20% discount. If that's not enough? Well for a full hour you'll get a 30% discount. Apart from the obvious savings - you also don't have to worry about running out of credits mid-way through.

Candy Show

A Candy Show is a live full-on hardcore multi-viewer sexperience. Once you see that candy sticker I mentioned earlier, it means the girl is gearing up to get her freak on. She has a preview period where she has to sell as many seats as possible to her show or get a targeted number of tips in. Once she reaches her goal the show kicks off. If she doesn't reach her target in the designated preview time the show is cancelled and all monies refunded immediately into your FetishGalaxy wank bank account.

Shows aren't exclusive and there's no cam2cam or 2-way audio option. Instead, for just a few dollars you get a 5-10 min kinky live sex performance.

Payment Options

To purchase credits you click/tap on the Credit button at the far right top of any page. This brings up a box showing the packages. FetishGalaxy keeps things nice and simple, in other words, one FetishGalaxy credit is equal to $1.00. There are a variety of ways to buy credits at The site also accepts (well promotes) PumaPay - a cryptocurrency payment system. If you choose to pay with PumaPay you'll get an extra 15% bonus on whichever package you buy.

Choose a payment package to suit your budget at

The site accepts:

  • Major credit/debit cards
  • PumaPal (Cryptocurrency)
  • PayPal

Membership Benefits

The membership (Reward) program is based on how many credits you use on the site. The more you use, the higher you climb in the program. The first time you make a credit package purchase, you automatically become a Bronze member and get free access to all paid media features (model's images and clips). You also get 5 bonus credits on every purchase.

Silver member is pretty much the same - but now you get 8 bonus credits with each purchase and climbing up to a Gold member increases you bonus credits to 25 on every package you buy. The highest level is a VIP member. For those of you that reach this rank, you get 30 bonus credits on each buy-in, 50 free credits on every 10,000 points you collect and a dedicated customer support number/email.

Mobile Experience of FetishGalaxy

The mobile version of FetishGalaxy is ok - but I'm not such a huge fan. The live video streaming takes a long time to come through and when it does, it takes a while for the quality to settle down. On the upside - when you're in a room you can see the full video feed while you're texting. The message box is an unobtrusive overlay which doesn't interrupt your viewing.

Video Quality

You know me - I don't mince words. The video quality at FetishGalaxy isn't the best I've seen, far from it. With such cheap private chat prices I suppose there has to be a compromise somewhere, and at FetishGalaxy they've compromised on streaming standards. There are some rooms that broadcast in HD, but there's no way to sort them out from the rest other than manually going into room after room. The overwhelming majority are SD enabled and not even high-quality SD, but if you're lucky - you may just fall upon one of the few HD hotties - and that makes a huge difference.

BDSM experts in private live shows at

The Pros & Cons


✔ Get 10% discount off most private shows on Mondays
✔ 15 FREE credits for registering as a member
✔ Extremely low private chat rates
✔ Cam2cam included in the per minute rates
✔ All models are BDSM experts and lifestyle devotees


✖ No nudity or X-rated action in the free fetish sex chat rooms
✖ No community-based forum
✖ Low quality video streaming

Before You Go

What I like about FetishGalaxy is that while all the girls are experts in fields such as cum-eating, bondage, humiliation and orgasm denial, they're also wonderful teachers on both sides of the spiky stiletto. So whether you're virgin to the scene, or a semi-pro punisher they know exactly how quick, slow, hard or gentle to go. Prices are super-cheap which is a great draw, on the other hand there aren't many extras to play around with on the site and the broadcasting quality needs whipping into shape.

For those looking for a quick fetish fix and don't want to pay a painful price - this is probably the best site out there. But as usual, don't just take my word for it - check it out yourself and see if you'll be binding with a BDSM babe there, or undoing the ropes and heading on out.