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Flirt4Free Gay Review - The Hunks Are Here

Last updated January 11, 2021
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Great bodies, hot asses and super schlongs are important when you're looking for gay webcam wonder boys. Unlike the cam guys on many premium live gay porn chat sites, the Flirt4Free studs aren't just hot to trot, they're also cool with the convo. This top gay cam site delivers hi-def streaming webcams, a cool VIP Program, various chat show types, and a video vault of recorded webcam performances.


Hot sexy gay cam guys waiting for you at

Whether you're into twinks or bears, monster cocks or bi-curious boys, Flirt4Free entertains them all (and you) for FREE. Saying that, for most of the hardcore action you'll have to divvy up the dollars - but... Tom knows some secrets. In this review I'll show you how to get to the hardcore hunks that'll bare their all for absolutely nothing! So, for the guys out there that are looking for some boy2boy company - enjoy dudes.

Cam Boys

If you don't really care how the guy looks and just want some cheap perving, then this ain't the site for you. First and foremost, the guys are at the top of their game - the haute couture of male models reside on Flirt4Free. They know they're worth the wads and some of them aren't afraid to let you know. Prices (which I'll get to later) aren't cheap - but boy these guys can pull in the punters with a wink and a twink of their finely honed six packs.

The male models on Flirt4Free aren't just horny or bored blokes broadcasting themselves in the hopes someone will watch them wank and tip them a dollar or two for the privilege. These guys are the real deal. Scrolling through snapshot after snapshot of it is like looking through a modelling agent's book of talent. Latino, European, American, muscle, twink, BDSM, self-sucking, top, bottom, bear and cub - the list goes on. There's even straight males looking to play with gay guys - not quite sure what that means - but hey - if that does it for you - then go for it.

Gallery of online webcam hosts at

Finding your pick of the peckers isn't as easy as you'd think. If it's the 'type' or the kink you're after then the best way to go on the hunt is via the Categories section. Here, the gay webcam models are grouped via their fave fetish or their appearance (body type, ethnicity and size of their joystick). By the way, when it comes to the gearshift, on Flirt4Free it's either in the monster range - or nothing. If you're into the junior sizes - you're going to have to do a lot of looking to find one. But, if it's all about the size - then every model's bio provides a helping hand, so to speak, with the nitty gritty numbers of his weight, height and cock length.

I do have a gripe though about Flirt4Free's categories. They only categorize the fetishes and appearance options by the models who are currently online. Say for example you're looking for someone into rope play or jerk-off instructions, if there's not a sex cam host online that has those kinks listed in his bio - then the kinks won't appear in the category section. So, if you want to find the dudes that are into a specific act, you have to use the search engine feature (The magnifying glass on the top right of the screen) and it will bring up all the Flirt4Free gays (And guys) that have it listed in their bio. You can then favorite the dudes that take your fancy and hit them up later when they're back online.

The fetish and kink performers wait for fun at

Talking about the model's bio - on Flirt4Free they're probably more important than on other live cam sex platforms. This site, after all, is called Flirt4Free and flirting is an integral part of the banter you'll have with your boys. The majority of live gay porn sites are focused on getting you as quickly as possible into a private chat and starting the rate/min timer. While this is a video sex chat site - these guys actually want to get to know the person on the other side of the screen before getting down to the business at hand (Or the business in the hand).

Don't worry - this part of the deal doesn't cost a thing. All the chat rooms are free and conversation encouraged before taking the relationship to the next level (a paid for private/multi-user session). And, unlike many of the other video chat hosts on other sites, Flirt4Free male hosts will actually initiate conversation with guests that pop by their room. And by conversation, I mean conversation - not a sales pitch to get you to fork out a fortune and go private.

Hot and horny gay webcam model at

Flirt4Free Feature Highlights

Flirt4Free is far more than just a video chat site. It really does go that extra mile when it comes to info/community/forums and of course a whole bunch of funky fetish features that'll keep you occupied while you wait for you fave guy to get back online. Most notable is the site's mini home for the Fetish Community. This isn't just a way to search for your preferred kink - it's a neighborhood where the kinkiest are welcomed in. In Flirt4Free's fetish land, it's not just the bare behinds and whips that populate the platform. There's education info, community posts, discussions (NOT just the XXX kind) and even fetish news. And yes, there's also the masters and subs, ropes and glory holes, etc., gagging for your attention.

Wanna a Tom tip?

You don't have to twiddle your thumbs or whatever else it is that you twiddle while mooching about the site. There's a calendar link that can be selected that brings up the week's schedules of when each model will be online. This way you know the day and hour your fave fancy boys will be flexing their pecs.

Anyway, back to some of my fave Flirt4Free Features:

  • Top 20 webcam models
  • Models' schedules
  • Huge HD video library
  • Comprehensive fetish category and information
  • Models' fan club offering extra discounts and exclusive fan club member content
  • Blog site (interviews, product reviews, pro-tips, contests etc.)
  • Interactive toys - tip and activate the models' remote controlled vibrator

The Top 20 webcam models option is a really easy way to see which models are currently the darlings of the dudes. This selection category is consistently changing. The site pulls up the top 20 webcam guys based on paid shows, VOD activity, and virtual gift receipts (over a 7-day period). But, it's always a'changing. Every ten minutes the results are refreshed.

Hot hunks at Flirt4Free looking for some fun and games

For VIP members the enormous video library (they say 200 new videos are uploaded each day) is free. But there's a little catch, the videos are only available for a week. You snooze - you lose.

Getting Started

Getting started on Flirt4Free is as easy as ABC. A - a username, B - a password, C- an email address. You will have to verify your email address through a link they'll send you - so no faking it, guys. Once you've done this, you're set to rock n'romp with the hot hunks.

But beware... once you're registered the site will constantly bug you to whip out the wallet and fill up with credits.

Sign-up process is easy and simple at

Chat Options

There's a chat option to suit every price point. From the free Open Chat rooms to what can sometimes be a bank-breaking Private Chat.

Open Chat

Before taking any of the paid-for chat options, spend some time with the gay cam host in his open chat room. Make sure the fetishes listed in his bio match what you want. For sapiosexuals - this is the site to try and the hosts aren't going to let you down. It doesn't matter if you have credits or not - the models are always up for a chat and genuinely enjoy a bit of banter. These hunky men are charmers - if a brain dead beefcake is more your thing then probably Flirt4Free isn't going to be your number one sex chat site.

Private Chat

So, this is what you'll want if you're looking for some one-on-one time with your new buddy. Once you've selected the lucky dude and have seen from his bio that he's also into your fave fantasies, it's time to throw down them dollars and get to business. Do I really need to add that cam2cam and audio are included?

Premiere Chat

Premiere chat models are those that have proven to be the most in demand video chat partners and they're priced accordingly. If you see a Premiere Chat banner on your buddy's profile - then you know you'll be paying top dollar for some one-on-one time with the Adonis.

Multi-User Chat

There a couple differences between a Multi-User and Private Chat. A Multi-User chat is pretty much the same as a Private Chat but cheaper. The rates are lower as additional visitors can enter the show/chat and participate. If the cam model is offering the Multi-User chat option, the price appears in the top right corner of their feed, next to their Private Chat rates.

Another great Tom tip:

If it's a quiet time and there aren't many other cam chat visitors in the model's room - go for the Multi-User Chat option. You'll most likely get the same attention and fun as you would in Private Chat - but at a much cheaper rate/min.

Group Chat

So the power of the crowd comes into play in the Group Chat option.The sex chat host sets a credit target they want to reach during a set time limit. If they reach their target - the show will take place. If the target isn't reached, the show is cancelled and the credits you paid are refunded. The host will set a minimum credit pledge - if you pay the minimum (or more) you're then guaranteed a front row seat for what is always a sex spectacle that'll make you wanna 'cum' back for more. But remember - Group Chat is a 'show'... that means Cam2Cam is off the books.


Sexy twink waiting for some party favors at


Party Chat

Party Chat is similar to the Multi-User chat option but... it's FREE to join. The host will start his show on the premise that you (And the other gawping boys) will tip him during his raunchy routine (and yes - the Party Chats can get hot and wet). But... if the tips aren't coming, the host with the most can simply end the show. Now, the more tips he gets - the more 'kinky' he tends to go.

Flirt4Free Prices Review

As I mentioned, the flirting is free - but that's about it. The credit/min range can vary wildly when it comes to the models - the cheapest private chat rate comes in at a super low $0.45/min, making some of the Flirt4Free performers the most budget-friendly online. The most expensive rooms I came across were asking a whopping $19.90/min. The average performer though tends to ask around the $4.55/min rate.

Payment Options

Like most of the premium webcam sites  - Flirt4Free takes privacy and security extremely seriously. It's not only a totally legit webcam site, it's also trustworthy, discreet and keeps your payment details encrypted and secure.

You're also spoiled in ways to pay for your (Live) gay porn fun. The site takes almost every form of payment apart from good ole cash.

A tip from Tom... you know those gift cards you get from people that can't really bothered to get you a gift. Well get this -  Flirt4Free accepts major brand gift cards as a payment option.

  • Major credit/debit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • PayPal
  • Maestro
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier Checks
  • Wire Transfer
  • Personal Checks
  • Brand Name Gift Cards

VIP Program

The site's VIP membership package is one of the very few webcam VIP programs I recommend joining. It's based on a monthly plus subscription. One month will set you back $40, 3-months in the VIP club costs $100 and a 6-month subscription comes in at $180.

Included in your VIP package is:

  • Unlimited access to your own recorded shows
  • 150 daily videos available for 7 days
  • One-hour feature shows and access to archives
  • Access to adult star video archive
  • Access to all photo galleries
  • Access to VIP Forum
  • Gold VIP Font
  • Up to 10 reserved nicknames
  • Email performers w/ attachments
  • Largest private video preview
  • Turn off free users chat (no gray users)

Mobile Experience of Flirt4Free

The mobile version of the site is pretty much like its models - Top rate and loads quickly. It's easy to move around in and the viewing quality is sharp and fast. The layout is adapted for all mobile devices and tablets.

Video Quality

From what I saw (and doing this review for you guys - believe me I saw a lot) - the majority of the chat rooms were broadcasting in HD. When you hover over the dude's snapshot - a box appears showing his; rate/min, categories (fetishes), interactive device, rating and... if he broadcasts in HD (720p and 1080p).

The Pros & Cons


✔Super-hot cam models
✔Community forum and message boards
✔Constantly changing promos and special deals
✔Most have HD video streaming
✔Huge fetish selection and info
✔Wide variety of show types


✖ Search engine is pretty weak
✖ Private Chats can get expensive
✖ Constant reminders appear to buy credits

Before You Go

At the end of the day, Flirt4Free is more about quality then quantity. If it's uber-sexy live porn boys you're looking to connect with, then Flirt4Free isn't going to disappoint. The men are charming, flirty and cover every sexual proclivity (and then some). It's not a site if you're looking for a cheap kick. These guys know their business - but hey - you get what you pay for.