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Get a Better Understanding of LiveJasmin Credit Auctions

Published October 14, 2015

LiveJasmin have updated their site and removed the LiveJasmin credits auction option. You still get free credits on your first purchase and every 5th purchase. If you want to check out some cheap sex cams, I recommend reading this list.

Well hallo there. How has life been treating you? They’ve been treating me just fine, in case you care, and in fact I’ve extra happy recently after discover the fun auctions at If you have never heard about LiveJasmin, I am gonna guess that you haven’t read my adult webcam reviews before (and in that case, you probably don’t especially care about how life is treating me, which is fine – I’m not insulted). This is not just one of the best webcam chat communities on the internet, it could be the very best, although I struggle to reach a final decision – there are, after all, several worthy competitors. In any event, there is a reason why so many guys adore this site. For starters, it’s MASSIVE. There are always a few thousands of live camgirls in all the standard categories: MILFs, lesbians, amateurs, couples, fetish – you know how things work. Second, it’s a premium platform, meaning you get to enjoy not just acceptable streaming, but the ultimate sex cam experience. Seriously, it’s amazing. Finally, the models here are pros – mostly from Europe, but there are more exotic women performing if you’re willing to search (there have to be with thousands of live babes). This means that the live porn shows are outright sensational and the chicks are really committed. I must have seen hundreds of live sex shows on this website and not once was I bored or unsatisfied.

Visit and Save Money

So, I am sure you understand why I was a bit excited when I hears that has launched a new promotion. That was a while back of course – not this offer has been going on for quite some time, but it appears as if members can’t get enough of it, so I doubt if it will disappear anytime soon. This special promotion is called Credit Auctions and it’s actually such a brilliant and simple idea that I am surprise that other adult webcam sites have not thought of it first – or at least copied it. I have been receiving many questions about this deal, most of which were the predicted “how it works”, “who can join”, but I have always believed that there are no stupid questions and I am here to answer all of them. I will intend to offer you a simple and quick explanation of the auctions and their rules. Read on and then visit for a real-life demonstration.

How to Locate LiveJasmin’s Sexy Auctions?

I wish that this question didn’t need a full paragraph of explaining, but it actually does. Maybe the guys who build this website feel that if this promotion is harder to find, it will increase its popularity and the buzz surrounding it, and they might even be right – hey: I’m talking about it, so it must be important, right? Here is how you arrive at the auctions in a few quick steps. Note that you have to be signed out of your account in order to make your way to the auctions.

  1. The first step is very simple: Click the 'Visit' link on this page and land at
  2. Click ‘Previous Version’ at the top menu – don’t get worried if this adult web cam site looks a bit funny once you do. This is how it always used to look before it was redesigned.
  3. Now you should hit the ‘My Account’ tab at the very top. It’s not hard to find.
  4. Next you will land on one of two possible web pages: One will be the newer version and the Auction link will appear at the right. The other will be the older version where the Auction link will appear at the bottom left side.
  5. Let the fun begin! See what auction is in motion, choose whether you want to bid or just follow it for a bit and you could save an average of 30% (on average – it could certainly be more) on a big pile of credits.

What Are These Credit Auctions You’re Talking About?

I bet that this is the question that some of you have been pondering – I know, I know, it was a relatively long intro, but I wanted to make sure that you understand what kind of adult cam site you’re dealing with. The LiveJasmin credit auctions are actually a very simple and easy-to-follow offer where members go to a specific page on the site and bid for credit packages of different sizes. The last offer before the clock finishes its countdown is the one to take home the prize. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Told you so.

The auctions begin in random times, so you never actually know where one will be on. This inspires members to check out this page often and regularly and when a bidding is in progress, everyone joins in. The process of bidding is also quick and simple, and the only problem is if you encounter members who are more determined than you are. Keep in mind that the point is to get cheap credits. If price gets too high, forfeit. There is no point in being the winner if you pay the standard price for a credit package, other than an ego boost maybe.

SexCam Users Are Always Looking for Cheap LiveJasmin Credits

If you are now wondering what all the fuss is about, perhaps I should explain. Credits on are not particularly expensive, but they do cost money – usually around a dollar or a euro per minute, depending on where you are located on this lovely planet of ours. You can chat for free with any camgirl that isn’t occupied in private chat, even if you don’t have credit in your account, but free video chats, as we all know, are a bit tedious after a short while. Even when you’re dealing with beautiful, talented camgirls like the ones on LiveJasmin, at some point you start realizing that with all due respect to foreplay, you need proper action and that you will only get to enjoy on private chat room, and you have to have credits to access them. Moreover: The live porn stars on this adult cam sites work it like they mean it and for many guys a 10 or 20 minute session is just not enough, but the longer you spend inside the private chat rooms, the more credits you will need to spend.

The result is an endless search for low-cost credits and deals and bonuses. This is what makes so many guys like these auctions. They enable you to get not just slightly cheaper – but much cheaper – credits and with no real hassle on your side. True, sometime the prices, as I mentioned above, do climb and in the excitement of the competition you have to wonder if the guys who bid remember the regular cost per credit and realize that they’re approaching it quickly. However, in some cases you find yourself with an especially great bargain and not much of competition. There is some luck elements, but it’s not like winning the lotteries – you have a perfectly reasonable chance of finding an auction in progress and have the option to bid for a cheap package.

This is Exclusive Game Has Gotten Cam Users Talking

Most of the best adult webcam sites offer nice promotions, but only few are as popular as LiveJasmin credit auctions. There are most-likely three reasons for why this is so. The first I have already discussed: Guys on LiveJasmin are always happy to purchase cheap credits that will in turn allow them to watch longer live porn shows and chat with their favorite camgirl while ending up with a manageable bill. The second reason is that this is a new promotion which hasn’t been available on any other website. Sexcam users tend to be easily bored and because so many websites are exactly the same, they often feel like they’ve seen it all. By dishing0up a brand new and exclusive option, has gotten the crowd excited and the result is an unusual popularity for a feature which is, let’s face it, not all that much. I mean, come on: It’s not like you’re getting those credits for free. Finally, this is more like a game than a promotion. Members have to come back and check, they play against other members and it’s really a social, albeit highly competitive, game.

Are the auctions on your kind of game? Only you can decide that. If you would like to receive more information about this successful website, feel free to read my full LiveJasmin review and if you just want to get a taste of that auction, visit the site and see if there’s one in progress, right now.

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