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People have different mottoes in life. Carpe Diem – that's one, which has been degraded to YOLO, thank you fucking much Twitter. Love Thy Neighbor – that's another, although if you ever see my neighbor, please, please, do yourself a favor and run like the wind. Anyway, my personal motto has always been "The Customer's Always Right". I believe that this is a lovely way to run a business and because my business happens to be adult webcam review, I want the people who read this – AKA – you, to be pleased. Well, I have been getting a lot of emails and, strangely enough, some faxes. What is up with that? Stop faxing me! This is not 1970. Most of the emails ask me to write about new cam sites or ones that I simply didn’t get around to reviewing – remember that the sex chat arena is huge and there is only one me, dedicated, but one. However, I did notice that more and more of the emails dealt with an exceptional issue: They were from guys, different ones, from different parts of the world, who wanted to know if I have ever heard about sites like MyFreeCams.


I wasn't surprised of course. My Free Cams is the first adult webcam site that enabled users to watch free porn shows and when you give guys free porn, they usually stick around. Today, this portal is one of the most popular sexcam services around the world and all its public chats are still nude and still free. No other website ever allowed members to enjoy unlimited free sex chats and the good thing about being the first of what you do, is that other people want to copy from you. Why is this good? Because it means that yes, I actually do know a few webcam sites that are almost or kinds of or exactly like MyFreeCams.com and I intend to list the top four below.

Chaturbate Will Instantly Make You Think about My Free Cams


Do you know that feeling that you get when you see someone that you think you actually know and you're like, all happy and ready to say hi, and then all of a sudden you realize that it's not who you thought it was, but just someone that looks almost eerily just like them? Well, this is what Chaturbate will make you feel like when you see it for the first time, because this adult cam community is so much like My Free Cams that it's almost, but not quite, identical. No need to look far to find out why that is. Chaturbate.com has copied all of the main elements of My Free Cams and tried to make them its own. The result is a cheap site that offers free nude public chat rooms and steamy amateur porn shows. The women are lovely, the streaming quality is professional and in many cases you will get to enjoy quality free chat where the camgirl actually strips – they won’t be private of course, but I'm sure you kind of guessed that. Is Chaturbate.com better than the original? That's a matter of taste, but I've reviewed this service in-depth and you can read through the details and see if you end up impressed.

Chat, Flirt and Don't Forget to Tip on BongaCams.com


I was captivated by Bonga Cams the first time I saw it and for the most part, I think that most of you will feel the same. This is not some deep or serious adult webcam portal. It's casual like a fling and just as much fun. There are free chats where the camgirls get naked for free, well, not exactly free, but just for tips – you know the deals, and you can sit and watch the action or tip yourself and then participate. What I love about this website is how much it looks like a real XXX cam community. I am sure that there are some pro models here – they're always some, but the people here just feel real. You can chat, you can watch, you can enjoy some webcam sex or you can explore some fantasy – swinging if your wife is into it, or anal – if she's not into that. The point is that there is no fixed structure limiting you and in that sense, BongaCams.com is exactly like MyFreeCams.com, the site that proved that you can keep things real and still maintain a decent cash-flow. Have I convinced you that this community is worth trying out? If not, go read my BongaCams review and see if that works.

Enjoy Free Chats that Go (Almost) All the Way on Live.com


Let me start off by saying that LiveJamsin does not allow users to watch full nudity on the free chat rooms. The skilled webcam models that you will find here might look wild and eager, but they're experienced performers that know the rules of the games and the rules here are that you have to pay for tits. However the free chat rooms here are very different that the ones you'll usually find on adult webcams. They're not dull, the women don’t hide their bodies from the web cameras and some of them turn into parties – there's great music, the live camgirl dances in minimal clothing and she talks like a slutty sex goddess and doesn’t stop until you beg – or until someone book her for a private sex show. The private shows, I hope I don’t have to tell you, are absolutely incredible. This is what happens when you have the best sex cam platform in the world. You will get to view stunning beauties in high-definition and enjoy some of the hottest vids and pics in the industry. If you think that I am praising this site in vain, my full LiveJasmin review will show you the truth. This site may not be exactly like MFC, but it has some similar points. See, try and decide if you like it.

Sexier.com is Sassy, Naughty and Full of Hot Webcam Models


The amateur webcam models on Sexier.com will make you feel like you've gotten home after some long journey. These babes look honestly happy to meet you – or maybe "happy" isn’t the right word – these chicks are outright excited. There are more online amateurs here that what you'll find on My Free Cams and in a much bigger variety: Asian, Latin, Ebony, European, North American and anything in between. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to start off with a big boob redhead, a sweet Japanese cutie or a dominating blonde and ended up just going from one free chat room to the next. Why is this site on a list of webcam sites like MyFreeCams? In one word: Price. The Happy Hour chats on this site cost 0.88 per minute, which is almost free, and then they're price goes even lower with member discounts – as low as 0.20 actually. Moreover: There are free pornstar shows where members get to see the hottest and horniest pornstars strip and fuck live – sensational if you want my opinion. My Sexier.com review is full of useful information, just in case you need it, but if I were you I'd take advantage of the free everything on this website and just go explore it. Don't be shy. The camgirls will show you how everything works.

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