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Hallo! Today I am discussing a unique topic: Bitcoin webcams and where you can find them. This is an issue which is becoming more and more relevant and considering the high number of live sex cam sites, it is virtually impossible for one, inexperienced guy to go through all of the websites and find out which one accepts which payment method. Even if that was possible, this would be a colossal waste of time, time which could otherwise be used to watch live webcam strip shows. If you don’t appreciate reading, I can tell you right off the bat that the one adult chat website that works with Bitcoin is, and I have many reasons to recommend that you use it. In this short article (well, shortish, we have a lot of information to get through) I intend to give you a quick overview of this virtual currency and why so many people prefer to use it on live web cam sites. I will also explain why after a long assessment I believe that is the top choice for any guy who wants to pay for sexcam shows with Bitcoin and I am convinced that you will see where I’m coming from. Can we move on? Great – let’s discuss what really counts.


Money is the One Thing That Really Counts on Live XXX Cams

You don’t need to tell me that this issue sounds a tad tedious. Talking about payment methods, or more specifically: One particular payment method, doesn’t sound as exciting as talking about a delightful naked woman with huge tits and long sexy legs, playing with her fingers and toys on an intimate sex chat. I totally agree. This is not something that I would call fascinating, but considering the messages that I’ve been getting from some of my loyal readers, this is also a topic that many of you obsess over. I can’t blame you. Paying the bill is the one thing about live adult webcams that is serious and should be treated with attention and carefulness. This isn’t like watching a live camgirl prancing around in her tiny pink slip, showing off a perfect round booty in a lacy thong and begging for a sticky pleasure… sorry, I got distracted there for a moment. Okay, I’m back on track. Paying the bill at the end of the live porn show or adding credits to your account is the one stage in this sexy adventure that I urge you to treat with patience and care. This is your hard-earned cash and you should be attentive to how you transfer it and to whom.

There are many payment options that you can use on live sex cams: Credit Cards and Debits are probably the most popular, but there are many others: Bank wire, prepaid cards, phone payments, SMS payments, fax payments, PayPal and finally the one payment option which we have come here to discuss: Bitcoin. That last option is surprisingly rare, as I quickly discovered when I was attempting to compose a list of live adult webcam sites that accepted it. I wasn’t willing to settle for just any website of course – I wanted professional, reliable and entertaining sex cam arenas and the one that took the lead was the spectacular, hot Will be Happy When You Pay with Bitcoin

The thing about is that it doesn’t only accepts this virtual currency (which, by the way, and XLoveCam also do) but it does so willingly and openly. You don’t need to write to the customer support and beg. The option right up there – with Visa and Bank Wire, all you have to do is tick that little box and you can proceed to pay, no hassle, no problems. Keep in mind though that because Bitcoin doesn’t allow chargebacks, you should be quite certain about the size of the package you want, so double check. LiveJasmin has got quite a few options, and if you choose one of the larger packages, you will also receive a bonus to your credits, which is a sweet deal. You can read more about this website’s costs and features on my full review, but for now, just make sure that you double check everything before you buy. Once you do, the deal is done, the credits are your and all you can do is go watch some horny European webcam models expose themselves online. All in all, not a bad option, if you ask me.

Why do SexCam Users Choose to Pay with Bitcoin?

Since Bitcoin was first released back in 2009, its popularity has been gradually soaring. Yes, this payment method which is actually a peer-to-peer virtual currency has many pluses including very low to none existing fees, zero dependence on third party and very easy to use mechanism. For adult webcam chat fans, the fact that this system minimizes hassle and simultaneously allows you to keep your privacy is probably the strongest motivation for choosing it. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s private. What else can people ask for in a payment method? Besides, some people have Bitcoins and they want to spend them, and what better way there is to spend extra cash, even if it is virtual, but do some naked chatting on live cams?

I hope that you realize that I am not soliciting Bitcoin usage here. Personally, I could care less about which payment method you choose to purchase your webcam credits, other than the fact that you choose a reliable one. The face is though that people are looking for sexcam services that will allow them to pay with Bitcoin and in some cases they are so determined that they’re actually willing to switch sites for this purpose. Why? Well, from my experience, people often get attached to a specific payment option and are convinced that it’s the best option for their needs. I am not arguing. If this is how you feel, just go sign up to It has plenty of live sex chat rooms, stunning women, wonderful platform and you can pay for all this amazingness with Bitcoins. In fact, why don’t you get started right now?

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