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With all due respect to free sex chat rooms, on most adult webcam sites users eventually need to pay for group sex shows or private porn chats, and need a reliable payment method to transfer money to the site. Up until recently the only choices that users had were credit card, debit cards and in some cases also money wire, but that's about it. I have heard this question time and time again: Which site has the best PayPal sexcams, and I have had to disappoint my readers by informing them that there were none to be found. You see, PayPal is not a fan of adult sites, and it would not serve XXXcam portals, no matter what. Never underestimate the determination of the adult industry to find solutions to seemingly impossible challenges though and Sexier.com was the first to come back with a simple answer. By using a third party website, Sexier now allows its horny fans to use their PayPal account as a payment method, and I am sure that it's going to get many new users because of that.

Take a look at this article and learn how you can use your PayPal account on Sexier's adult webcams. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this particular payment option, I will also list some of its advantages. Read through – I'll keep it short…well, shortish anyway.

How Can You Pay for PayPal SexCams on Sexier.com?

Sexier.com Paypal - for Secure and Discreet webcam thrills

If you've had any experience with PayPal, you must know it's like the easiest payment option ever. However, using it on Sexier.com is a bit different than paying for other services. Why is that? Because PayPal doesn’t work with porn sites, Sexier.com has found an interesting way of receiving payments through it. You are sent through a third-party site and then are redirected to PayPal, which sounds complicated, but is really quite simple. I am not going to confuse you with difficult explanations, Instead, here is a short version of what you need to do:

  1. Click Buy Credit, the way you would if you wanted to pay using your credit card. You will instantly be directed to the site's regular payment page.
  2. Instead of choosing from the payment options available on Sexier.com, click Change Method and several alternative methods will appear on your screen.
  3. Choose to pay using Epoch, and you will be sent to yet another payment method page. That new payment page will actually give you the option to pick PayPal and once you choose it you'll be able to pay with your account.

I know this sounds a bit complex, but I assure you that it is anything but. Basically you just approve and agree and click a couple of times and you end up on the right payment page, where you can choose from a few figures and decide how much cash you want to transfer to Sexier.com, in forms of credits. After you use PayPal sexcams on Sexier a couple of times, you will wonder why you haven’t does so before. It's quick, efficient and just very easy, much more so than typing in your full credit card details.

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Using PayPal on Live Adult Webcams is a Great Idea

I am not here to advertise PayPal, okay? It's not like they pay me commission - I wish, it's one of the most successful alternative payment services currently in use. However, I will shortly explain why so many guys want to use this service to pay for live sex chats, and I am convinced that you'll quickly understand why some folks are willing to change sites, just to be able to pay with their PayPal accounts.  

It's a very secure service, no doubt. It provides a shield from unknown sites that may or may not take the necessary security measures to ensure that your financial information remains safe. You can bet your cock that PayPal takes many measures to secure your details and besides: The fact that you don’t need to list your private information on an adult site you have never heard about, is in itself a major advantage. Also, you should consider simplicity. This payment service is incredibly easy and quick, and all you need to do in order to pay is to type in your user name (AKA email) and password.

I wish I could tell you that these are the reasons that most adult webcam users think about when they ask me about PayPal, but that's probably not the case. After all, major credit companies are also safe, and they guarantee your funds by numerous ways, and besides: After you use your cc once on any live sexcam site, you use the same information again on your next purchase and in most cases don’t need to rewrite every detail.

What excites most XXXCam users about PayPal sexcams is how discreet this service is. With PayPal there are no bills sent to your home, no embarrassing details or even unclear details appearing on your bank account and the only thing you see is PayPal payment – nothing which an angry wife can Google later on. I hope I don’t need to explain why this advantage appeals to adult webcam users. It's an anonymous, private way of enjoying live sex shows – what else could you possibly want?

Do Other Nude Webcam Sites Accept PayPal?

I don’t want to sound overly decisive on this one, because while I am writing these lines, about a dozen new adult webcam sites have been created. However, after reviewing numerous sexcam services I can tell you that currently the only reliable adult webcam site that accepts Pay Pal is indeed Sexier.com and really, you should feel lucky that such a premium webcam service is the one that offers this payment option, because it's bound to offer you unforgettable live sex shows. I should also point out XXXBlackBook and ULust.com ULust – both sex dating services – which also accept PayPal and offer limited chat rooms. If you are strictly into live sex shows though, and incredible ones, Sexier.com is the one and only choice. Go read my complete review of this site is you need additional info.

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