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I am sad to announce that it looks like has gone out of business. If you want to check out an online adult dating community, here's a review for ULust.

Don't you all wish you had a little black-book full not of names of some fugly x-girlfriends, but of delightful, stunning women that are only interested in your body? I bet you do. Most guys end up just fantasizing about this option, or satisfy their cravings with porn, which is a decent alternative, but the men that find XXX Black Book usually discover that they deserve more. This adult dating site is a modern alternative to old-time personal ads and it features loads of hot, horny babes that maybe even live in your area.

This review will allow you to take a closer look of this hookup service and it's both simple and honest. I have done my research, collected my facts and have drawn my own conclusion about this site and its options. Now all that's left is to show you the information and leave it up to you to decide what you think. Are you ready? Let's begin.

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My initial thoughts...

I've been wanting to write this XXXBlackBook review for a while now, mainly because I was really curious about this adult dating site, which I've heard plenty of, but have never actually visited. When I first entered I wasn't especially impressed, but that might be because I was expecting it to be… I don’t know – edgier. XXX Black Book is very easy to navigate through and the upper navigation bar is as simple as it gets. I did the most with my free membership, which was more than you'd get to do on other hookup services, and browsed through the video chat areas and profiles before I upgraded to access all of the features.

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This website uses a very efficient way of presenting users with the sexy singles online. All of the beautiful women are served to you on three plates: Local chicks (which are basically hotties from your relevant area worldwide), hottest members and newest members. Personally I never quite get why someone would prefer new babes over ones that have been using a sex dating service for some time and enjoying it, but hey, I always say "to each his own" and I'm going to stick to this approach.

Those extra features...

The best feature, as far as I am concerned, that XXXBlackBook has to offer are the videos. You'll find quite a few home porn vids which are a lot of fun to watch and while their quality isn’t amazing (they are, after all, filmed by amateurs), they were more exciting than I've expected and some were amazing. There's always one that is featured, so you can check it out, but I think it's worth browsing the rest, especially if you are the kind of guy that needs some naughtiness to open up and get into the right mood. The site also has video chat rooms, interactive tools and anything else a dating site has to have, but nothing out of the ordinary.

How to register...

You can sign up to XXX Black Book in a matter of seconds – just fill in your details, choose a password – you know the drill. Upgrading will require more time, not necessarily because it's an ordeal, but because you will need o choose, and there are a lot of options.

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The ways you can chat ...

There are two types of chat rooms on this site: The ­­­­members use the VideoChat area where you can show what you've got or get very close to other members and there is the Live Sex link at the top which will lead you to a limited number of professional camgirls. Choose, click and start chatting.

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Quality of the videos...

The people who use this site to hook up buy their own web cameras, so the video chats are not always premium quality. Most of the ones I did see though were fine, or even better than fine, and of course the webcam models all have incredible webcams. The recorded vids, as I stated earlier in this XXXBlackBook review, vary in quality, but many compensate for below average picture quality with above average content.

How much it'll cost you...

There are three memberships on Free, Silver and Gold. The difference between the two paid memberships is that the Gold one has no limitation on the number of messages and flirts you can send, and it includes a boost: You get featured above other members. You also get hardcore content as a bonus. Silver membership costs $29.95 per month or $19.98 per month if you sign up for three in advance.Gold membership costs $9.95 for a 2 day trial or $34.95 per month. If you sign up for three golden months you'll be paying $23.32 per month, or only $9.99 per month if you commit for a full year. Confused? I figured this much. Here's a nice chart that I made to clarify matters:





Not available

2 Days $9.95

1 Month



3 Months

$19.98 per month (total of $59.95)

$23.32 per month (total of $69.95)


Not available

$9.99 per month (total of $119.95)

Prices and payments on this XXX dating community

The ways you can pay...

This adult dating arena will gladly accept your cash in the form of Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, Maestro and PayPal – my own personal favorite. Payment is secure and quick.

How many sexy singles...

If you live in a central area – let's say a large city in the US, Canada, Europe and the rest of the internet-connected world, you are likely to find quite a few potential sex dates online. There are a lot of registered users and while this is not a huge website, it's on the large side of medium and the women are so beautiful that the difficulty is not in finding one you like, but in choosing. There are very few camgirls online though, only 30 or so when I checked.

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The support you can get...

You will find the Frequently Asked Questions, the Billing Assistance and the Contact Us link at the bottom of each and every page.

The good and the bad...


✔- The women here look amazing
✔- All of the features work well
✔- The long-term membership cost is notably low


✖- Not all that many live sex chat rooms
✖- The number of local singles might be restricted in certain areas
✖- The profile options are a bit limited

Winding things up... really is like a little black notebook with names of women that would love to host you in their bed to a night with no complications. Instead of carrying it in your pocket, you visit it online and enjoy the company of horny babes that just want to fuck and if you don’t mind me saying so, these chicks are hotter than anyone I could score on my own. The prices are very affordable, especially if your fear of commitment doesn’t affect your willingness to commit to the site for a long term membership and while I wasn't wowed by the features, I certainly enjoyed myself. Use the free membership to see if you feel the same.

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