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How's it hanging? If you're here I assume it means that you are horny and looking for some quick fix, and it must be you're lucky day because I've just reviewed This is one of the top rates sex dating websites across the net and it is not only famous, but also efficient in getting its users the booty call they crave for. The main problems that most people have with adult dating sites are a) They don’t work and B) The women's profiles are fake. None of this is true with regards to Adult Friend Finder and as I will quickly demonstrate, this is a genuine hookup community featuring real men and women.

As always, I understand that before you sign up, you deserve to know every important fact that will help you make your decision. Therefore I have spent a lot of time online getting to know this community and what it offers and all you need to do is stick around for a few minutes while I tell you everything I know. In this AdultFriendFinder review you will find loads of information regarding the selection of babes, the features and needless to say: The cost. Read through or just skip to the sections that interests you most. No offense taken – I know you can’t wait to score.


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My Initial Thoughts...

I am the kind of guy that would never notice if his girlfriend's got a haircut, so it is fairly noteworthy that even I spotted some design issues with this adult hookup service. Not that it was awful (I certainly lived in uglier apartments), but it just looks like a site that was designed in the late 90s and never got the renovation it needs. That is a shame because it could make some users think that this is not a cutting-edge choice, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The features, the social ambiance and the quality of service here are all exquisite and if you overlook the weird package, inside there's a real gem.

Navigating through the different sections is very simple and I recommend you spend a few minutes checking out the various sections. There are the profile pages which actually look great, especially if the people who own then go through the trouble of adding photos and videos, filling all the blanks and giving their page a personal feel. Then there are also the chat rooms that are divided to two: The amateur chats and the model chats. If you are only looking for webcam sex I suggest that you remove the "locality" filters, because you shouldn’t care where the woman you chat with is located, and you want as many options as possible. How hot are the local singles? See for yourself.

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Now I know that if you are used to professional sex cam sites, you may find the selection of women a bit divers. There are some busty blondes, but the babes you find here come in all size, shapes and hairdos and you might need to learn how to use Cupid – the site's automated match finder, or just the filters, to limit yourself to the type of women that turn you on. In my humble opinion though, the face that there are all sorts of babes is actually a great sign. It means that these are real singles and swingers, not just some bored models and the result is genuinely spectacular sex chats and an actual possibility for some naughty encounter. A far as streaming goes you will also find the full spectrum. Some of the hotties have the best webcams imaginable and you see them with crystal clarity while others are very disappointed, again though, even the badly used web cams, the evidence inexperience and the slow progression of the chat fit the criteria of legitimate amateur chats and after spending some sensual moments with horny strangers online I can tell you for a fact that what these babes lack in expertise they give you in sexual excitement.

Those Extra Features...

Unlike adult webcam sites where often users are encouraged to go straight to the sex chat room, where they pay, adult dating sites are built like cyber communities, and members are encouraged to just spend time enjoying themselves and socializing. has certainly been around long enough to understand this and it provides its eager members with a large choice of fun features. There are galleries where amateurs upload their own photos and videos and some are definitely inspiring pornstars. There are some cuckold movies there that will make you lose control and I also watched a few solo masturbation images that I would like to frame and keep at my den from now on. There are emails and messenger chats available for those that appreciate an intense flirtation and you can easily keep communicating with several women at once until you lock a fling. You can add and remove people from your HotList (which is really like a Favorite list) and you can use Cupid to set specific preferences. Did I mention the blogs? There are blogs and you can create one of your own.

How to register...

I have mentioned earlier in this AdultFriendFinder review that navigation was simple and registration is, in fact, even simpler. You feel in a name and an email, list what type of a date you're after and what gender you belong to, feel in your BD (more for legal purposes than astrology I reckon) and you're set to go. Just be sure to use a real email, because you will need a verification code.

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The Ways You Can Chat ...

There are two ways to chat on AFF or more accurately: Two types of chat rooms you can access. One is member chat and the other is model chats and they are very different from one another. The model chats are really regular adult webcams, the kind you'd find on sites like Chaturbate or ImLive. They feature really hot women that would do anything for money and in order to use them you will need to purchase credits and use it online. There are free chats of course, but don’t get to exited: No one gets naked before money changes hands. The member chats are a whole different deal. They can feature full nudity for free if the single babes or couples just like to be watched and you can of course sign up for a private chat as well. There are a bit less than 90,000 members online on a regular basis, but if you are looking for casual sex rather than casual webcam sex, don’t waste your time on women that don’t live in your area. The amateur rooms are actually extra kinky, but the quality of the performers is extremely inconsistent. You can start chatting in a click of a button and there is can2cam available on private chat rooms.

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Quality of The Videos ...

The professional models have HD, at least the vast majority of them, as for the amateurs… well, I think I have said it before in this AdultFriendFinder review: Some are hot and some are not, which is interestingly enough the name of a feature on this site that allows you to score other members.

How Much It'll Cost You ...

The camgirl chats require credit, and you can choose to charge your account with just $10, $25, $40, $50, $80 or $100. Joining a model's fan club costs $15 on average and it comes with up to 70% discount on her private sex shows. Basic membership is free, but we all know you'll need an upgrade if you want to get laid. New users enjoy a promotion of 1 month Gold upgrade for $20, a regular month is $29.99, 3 month are $59.80 and the site gives you a gift of 1 month as an extra bonus. A full year costs $179.10, but you get 6 month extra for free, so it's really an 18 month package.

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The Ways You Can Pay ...

This adult dating site accepts only four credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Diners Club. Members can only pay using Ukash, an E-Check or a Money Order. You can pay by phone if you're paranoid, but this is a really reliable site.

How Many Models ...

The number of singles is unbelievable, but it all depends on where you live, has millions of active users with tens of thousands online, and the number of local singles varies according to whether you live in a major city or a shithole. There are usually around 700-800 camgirls online, which is an impressive figure and the number is pretty constant throughout the day, with a rise during the weekends.

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The Support You Can Get ...

The site has a simple Contact Us page where you are offered with various ways to contact the site and you also have an FAQ page. Go through it if you feel confused. It could save you some time.

The Good & The Bad ...


✔ - A great selection of camgirls and amateur babes from all over the planet
✔ - Huge discounts if you sign up to a camgirl's Fan Club
✔ - Friendly atmosphere and loads of social features that help you stay in a kinky mood


✖ - Free membership is not quite good enough for getting real hookups
✖ - Some of the amateur women have very low quality of streaming

Winding Things Up ... has proved itself to be a fantastic matchmaking service, and when I say matchmaking I mean causal sex of course. I have managed to schedule a few dates in a very short period of time, even though I am far from being handsome and didn’t lie to anyone, and that alone proves that there is real potential for guys that just want sex. The number of swingers is also promising and if you are interested in exploring your boundaries with a wife or a girlfriend, or just want to join a sexy couple in their cuckold game, this is a wonderful opportunity. With relatively affordable prices and a great choice of features, this is really one of the best adult dating sites you will ever find. Just overlook the ugly design and enjoy the rest.


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